Living a Healthy, Peaceful & Joyful Life.

Ananda Marga Meditation Centre in Hong Kong offers inspiring courses to live a healthy, harmonious and meaningful lifestyle. In addition to the courses at our centres we also offer outreach programmes in schools, corporate firms and NGOS. Our main programmes are :

Meditation workshop
Stress management workshop
Yoga for health workshop
Yoga detox weekend retreats

Our programs are taught as a service, not as a commercial venture. So you will find that our fees are very reasonable.



Meditation Class For Mental Balance

March 4, 2017

De-stress your Life The demand of modern day life takes a heavy toll on the harmony of the human society. Checking and handling pressure at the earliest possible time saves issues related to health, relationship, productivity and many more. Though the list of affected parties is long, the good news is, there are hopes and […]

Yoga Detox Camp (Cheung Chau Island)

March 24, 2017 – March 26, 2017

Are you feeling TIRED, EXHAUSTED, UNINSPIRED? Make time to Rejuvenate Yourself in the nature: Your participation in this coming Yoga Detox Camp can – -Detoxify your body through simple yet effective Juice Fasting; -Balance your Emotions through Yoga; -Understand Yogic lifestyle which energizes the body & mind -Experience the view of tranquil Island, enjoy sunshine […]