The Ecology of Joy – Nurturing inner self and enlightening the life

The Ecology of Joy is a philosophy that describes the path to enlightenment as a path of happiness, love and beauty. Here is an analogy to explain it. There is a sun inside your mind. It has been quietly and gradually growing since the time you were created. And it comes a time when that sun becomes very big and begins to interact with you directly. That sun is your True Self. It is your soul. It is also a spark of light in an ocean of light which we call the Divine, the Supreme, the Source, God. That sun is your True Self and it is also the Divine.

You begin sensing your divine soul when feelings of love, honesty and fairness come to your heart and mind. Your True Self stealthily invades your mundane mind with thoughts of morality, courage, dedication and sacrifice. And it comes a time when the call for your true essence becomes extreme. You realize that you are not this body of yours; you are that sun inside you. And so, finding that sun becomes the goal of your life.
In the beginning the search for your spiritual self is confusing. There are so many paths, so many true accounts of realization, so many different spiritual experiences, and so many promises of heaven, that make the way quite difficult to understand. You may know a path, but questions about its practicality always come to the mind.

The workshop content

The awakening of intuitive intelligence During this workshop you will learn about intuitive intelligence, why it is important and how it can make your life easier, safer and more beautiful. There will be 3 main topics. Every session will last 3 hours and
will include singing and meditation.

Know who you are
We will discuss intuitive intelligence briefly and begin with the first topic. There are 2 entities in you; one is the mind that you use everyday and the other is your True Self. You will be guided to find your True Self, which will appear as the real you.

The practise of Celebrations
You will learn how to practice Celebrations. They are about celebrating happiness, love, beauty and all the beautiful qualities that you can find in the world around you. As you practise these Celebrations you develop a harmonious connection with nature and the world. And the world responds to you with harmony.

Date : 30th April, 2017
Time: 10:00am-6:00pm
Location: Unit 5G, On Fook Ind. Bldg, 41-45 Kwai Fung Crescent, Kwai Fong, N.T.
Quota: 15 people
Fee: HK$500 (Registered and paid before 21/4), HK$800 (Registered and paid after 21/4)
Inquiry/Registration: Shivanii @69325067 /

Registration procedures:
1. Please deposit the fee into this HSBC bank account 456-370063-838 (Account Name: Path of Bliss Co. Ltd)
2. Take photo of the deposit slip and send to us via Whatsapp (69325067) /
3. First come first served, please register before 28th April.

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