Healthy and Tasty Dishes are on the plate. Come and enjoy this program of cooking refreshing vegetarian dishes!

1) Salad
Is it just a normal Lettuce salad with green leaves, cucumber and tomato? Well, there are lots of other options you can actually choose, mixed with interesting dressings made of fresh fruit juice flavour that will definitely trigger your appetite in this hot summer!

2) Tempeh sushi
Tempeh, an Indonesian traditional fermented soybean food, have a unique texture and flavor. You will love it if you use it to make sushi.

3) Little veggie tofu ball
I bet everybody cannot resist tasty deep-fried snacks! Of course we won’t forget to include it in our menu, but with a less oily and healthier version. Tofu would be used to mixed with other veggies and make “little ball”, which looks adorable!

4) White gourd dessert
Our mums always use white gourd to make soup or other hot dishes. But have you thought of a cool and sweet white gourd dessert? Let’s do this experiment together!

After this eyeopening class we are sure you are able to design your own interesting menu for your family and friends having explored the possibilities of different ingredients to make a tasty vegetarian dish.

Class Information:
Date : 19th August, 2017
Time: 2pm – 5pm
Location: Unit 5G, On Fook Ind. Bldg,41-45 Kwai Fung Crescent, Kwai Fong, N.T.
Quota: 8 people
Fee: HKD250
Promotion price: HK $200 (registered before 13 August 2017)
*Also Special 30 % discount for participants from our yoga class and juice detox retreat
Inquiries and Contact: Shivanii @69325067 /

Registration Method:
1. Please deposit the fee into HSBC bank account 456-370063-838 (Account Name: Path of Bliss Co. Ltd)
2. Take photo of the deposit slip and send to us via Whatsapp (Contact person: Shivanii 69325067) or
3. Registration and payment deadline: on or before 17th August