meditation course in hong kong

Meditation Classes in Hong Kong

An integral part of authentic yoga practice is yogic meditation. In fact yoga postures are intended to relax the body and increase flexibility which enables the yoga student to still the mind and experience the inner peace that ensues from regular meditation practice.

We have meditation classes in Hong Kong at our center in Kam Tin for those who aspire to incorporate meditation into a healthy lifestyle. These courses would prepare one to receive a personal technique of meditation from one of the yogic monks or nuns (free of charge). Personal consultations on meditation and additional personal techniques would then be available to the student in the month and years ahead of their practice.

The course is especially suitable for those who are new to meditation. By the end of the course you will be equipped with enough knowledge and experience to begin meditation on your own with a personal meditation technique.

The course will be a nice blending of practice, theory, sharing, journaling  and joyous self discovery with others seeking a similar holistic life experience. It will be led by a yoga monk with over 20 years experience with meditation.

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