The demands of modern day life take a heavy toll on the harmony of human society. Recognising and handling stress at the earliest possible time prevents problems related to health, relationships and productivity. Though the list of potential problems is long, the good news is there are solutions. Our workshop on stress management gives an opportunity for individuals to stop, think, analyse and practise scientific and harmonious methods to cope with life’s challenges.


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In this workshop participants are guided to tackle stress from a physico-psychic perspective through the understanding of holistic lifestyle. One gets to tap the full potential of their mind through harmonious meditation techniques; learn to appreciate the use of music and visuals for increased tranquility; and build trust and cooperation in daily life. This programme will enhance concentration, efficiency, productivity and improve interpersonal relationships.


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Course topics:

– Defining and understanding stress

– Calculating the damages

– Understanding holistic lifestyle

– Tackling stress from a physico-psychic perspective

– Simplifying and organizing your environment

– Trust and delegation in work

– Office yoga for instant relief

– Tapping the full potential of your mind

– Meditation

– Music and visuals for increased tranquility

– Laughter is the best medicine