Bhujaungasana – Cobra Pose

Yoga Classes in Hong Kong

Yoga classes at our  Tai Hong Wai Centre offers 42 Yogic postures, 13 Mudras and calm breathing techniques to  strengthen our nervous system, circulate the blood flow, balance the emotions and more importantly to rejuvenate the immune system. Our classes are specialy tailored for the beginners so anyone obese or with stiff body can  easily practice it with good results !!!

Get to learn a simple form of  guided Meditation.  Discuss your illness or injuries, free of charge, with our senior Yoga teacher from Singapore . Make an appointment with our Yoga teachers to meet him. Get insights into the Yogic lifestyle such as diet, detox, mindfulness and more. Do not missed out this opportunity for balanced and Joyful life !!!

 Benefits of Yoga for Health

Halasana – Plough

  • Relief from Stress and Fatigue
  • Overcome Anxiety and Depression
  • Energy Enhancement
  • Focused mind
  • Improved memory
  • Stronger Will-power
  •  Inner calmness
  • Joyful life

Our Yoga classes are taught individually as well as in small groups  to give complete attention to our students. Our main purpose is to enable you with a good health and accompanied it with a positive thoughts. You are welcome to join us for this important and much needed transformation.

【Class information】

7:30pm to 9 pm on every Tuesday

Trial Class: $90/ class
Single Class: $120/ class
4 Classes: $440 (1 absence quota)
8 Classes: $760 (2 absence quotas)

Ananda Marga Holistic Centre
1/F, 173 Tai Hong Wai, Kam Tin, Yuen Long , Kam Sheung Road MTR (10 minutes walk from Kam Sheung Road MTR station)

Kindly contact us for further enquiries and assistance.